In the right order, four little words can carry a big punch. Think big, do good. Together these words can provide strong internal motivation for us. Personally, I read them as a challenge to imagine, innovate, and act to serving others.

Imagine what we can accomplish if we act on these four words.

Missouri Farm Bureau (MOFB) will delve into the possibilities in a new digital series beginning this week. It’s the brainchild of MOFB President Garrett Hawkins, who often tells Farm Bureau members, young and old, to “Think Big, Do Good.” It is a simple request that unpacks the potential within each of us individually and together.

The first installment of the “Think Big, Do Good,” digital series introduces us to well-known farm broadcaster Max Armstrong.

Max is a familiar face and voice among the nation’s agriculture scene. He’s a Midwest farmer who stepped outside of his comfort zone to see what the world had to offer. He’s traveled millions of miles and addressed millions of people close to home and around the world. There’s no doubt that thinking big is a part of his drive, but doing good is what makes people of all ages remember him. His charm and personal connection with an audience makes you feel welcome and appreciated. When you can impart the world with a warm welcome, you’ve built a connection for learning and goodwill.

The ”Think Big, Do Good,” series will be featured on MOFB’s YouTube channel, while an audio-only component will be available on our “Digging In with Missouri Farm Bureau” podcast. We’ll discuss Max’s background and work both behind the mic and in front of the camera. Max’s background and experiences have honed a heartfelt ability to connect with his audience. Like many of us, those rural roots run deep. Max knows how to highlight our rural communities and lift up the characters, the motivators, the “Think Big, Do Good’ers,” within a story, if you will. What a great place to start this series.

In the year ahead, we’ll talk with several people who think big and do good. Some you know; others you’ll be introduced to, but they all have something in common: thinking outside self-imposed boundaries and helping others around them. What they all have in common is the ability to think big and do good in extraordinary ways.

Join us for the ride.