Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst made the following statement on the appointment of Eric Schmitt as Missouri’s next Attorney General:

“Eric Schmitt is an excellent choice as Missouri’s next Attorney General. As a state Senator and state Treasurer he has been a common-sense leader who cares about rural Missouri. His efforts to modernize the Missouri Linked Deposit Program and relaunch it as Missouri FIRST have made a tangible positive impact in our rural communities. We look forward to working with him as our Attorney General to fight federal encroachment on our rights and liberties.

“I would also like to thank Attorney General Hawley for making the protection of Missouri farmers a cornerstone of his work. He has consistently fought federal overregulation that threatens the livelihood of farmers across the state. As Attorney General, he fought Obama-era regulations including WOTUS, the Clean Power Plan and the Critical Habitat Rule. He also renewed efforts to challenge California laws that allow California’s regulators to tell Missouri egg producers how to run their operations. Missouri farmers have a friend in Senator-elect Hawley, and we look forward to working with him in his new role.”