Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst made the following statement regarding the Missouri legislative session:

“Despite a tremendous workload of issues, the Missouri legislature worked hard to secure several big wins for both rural Missourians and the entire state in its 2018 session.

“All Missourians deserve to have decent roads and bridges to travel on, both in cities and rural areas. We have let our funding stream slowly shrink for over 26 years, keeping the same fixed gas tax while inflation eats away at its buying power. Paying for repairs and upgrades takes money, and rural Missourians are willing to do their part to keep our roads and bridges functioning. We’re looking forward to a vote of the people so they have a choice about our future.

“Our members also appreciate the legislature’s work to prioritize expanding access to high-speed broadband internet, provide certainty the Missouri Clean Water Law, provide consumer clarity on product labeling and show leadership on a number of other items important to agriculture, Missouri’s number one industry.

“As with any year there are priorities to be addressed in the future, but 2018 has been a good year for Missouri agriculture policy.”