State Issues

Missouri Farm Bureau prides itself on its continuous development of a strong foundation built on credibility, integrity and thorough knowledge of issues. The Missouri Farm Bureau Legislative Staff works every day to improve the quality of life for farmers, rural Missourians and all Missourians by striving to learn from members and to serve their working needs. The legislative staff focuses on issues that affect Missouri Farm Bureau members and keeps the best interest of all agriculturists in mind. At a state level, Missouri Farm Bureau stays actively involved with current issues and legislation so that all efforts regarding agriculture are better communicated to members and all Missourians. Missouri Farm Bureau monitors issues related to the Missouri Legislature, Executive Branch and state agencies to ensure that the interests of agriculture and the rural way of life are well represented on Jefferson City.

Priority State Issues

Initiative Petition Reform

Rural Missourians deserve to have their voices heard in the initiative petition process. Missouri law should ensure that all parts of the state are adequately represented in signature collection.

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Wind and Solar Farms

Tax revenue for some commercial wind or solar farms is currently not kept in the local communities. This leaves them with all the burdens but almost no financial benefit…

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Feral Hogs

Summary Feral hogs are a growing threat to Missouri, destroying crops, pastures and forests....

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Property Rights

Eminent domain powers should only be used for proven public needs. Private investors who do not serve Missouri citizens should not have the power of eminent domain.

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Broadband Internet Access

Broadband internet access is essential for tomorrow’s economy. Missouri should make a significant investment in the Missouri Rural Broadband Development Fund in 2019…

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It was great to spend the evening with @MissouriCorn farmers from across the state in support of @GovParsonMO. MO farmers are lucky to have a farmer in the highest office!

Today the MO House overwhelmingly passed HB 2033 to protect the property rights of all Missourians! Thank you @JimHansen40 @elijahhaahr @deanplocher for your leadership #moleg

Thank you @calebrowden for joining MOFB members in Boone County this morning! It’s great having leaders that understand the value of agriculture.