Grassroots Policy Development Process

Farm Bureau’s success in being an effective voice for farmers, ranchers and rural citizens is attributed to our grassroots policy development process. Policy positions are determined by members. Every member family has an opportunity to voice their opinions by completing the annual policy development questionnaireFocusing on problems and surfacing solutions beginning at the local level ensures our policies are responsive to the needs of members.

Organized at the grassroots.

State Resolutions Committee

The policy development process is spearheaded annually by the State Resolutions Committee (SRC). The committee meets in June to hear from officials about issues affecting Missouri Farm Bureau members. The SRC then develops the Policy Development Questionnaire that is distributed to Missouri Farm Bureau members.

Drafting of Proposed Resolutions

In October, the State Resolutions Committee reviews the Policy Development Questionnaire responses, considers county recommendations, and drafts proposed resolutions. The proposed resolutions are distributed to all Missouri Farm Bureau members in the fall edition of Show Me Magazine.

Setting Policy

At the Annual Meeting in December, voting delegates representing county Farm Bureaus meet to discuss, amend and adopt policy positions to direct our public policy efforts in the coming year. You can learn more about Missouri Farm Bureau’s policy on specific issues by taking a look at our 2024 policy book.