Missouri Farm Bureau PAC

Missouri Farm Bureau’s Political Action Committee (PAC) allows Farm Bureau members a more direct and effective voice in the political arena. Each county Farm Bureau appoints a trustee to the PAC. These trustees are grouped into geographic regions to allow members to use their direct local knowledge when considering endorsements in each race.

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Through grassroots advocacy and political action programs, Missouri Farm Bureau builds relationships and engages with key lawmakers to influence real-world policy decisions in Jefferson City and Washington, DC. Electing pro-agriculture candidates to political office is a top priority of our members.

Our work depends on leaders who will listen, learn and act on our behalf. They are essential to the future of Missouri’s farmers and ranchers. 

MOFB’s PAC has a proven track record of success. Since its inception, our PAC has a success rate of over 90%. This is a direct result of our grassroots political engagement – and it’s critical that we continue our momentum. Join us as we work to send ag-friendly lawmakers to Jefferson City and Washington, DC, to protect agriculture and share the success stories of American farmers and ranchers.

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Historically, MOFB’s PAC has considered endorsements in U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Governor, and Missouri Senate races. Endorsements are usually considered following the primary election; however, the PAC also permits an endorsement for a candidate for Missouri Governor, Missouri State Senate, U.S. Senate or U.S. House of Representatives prior to the primary election if the situation warrants.

The MOFB PAC operates on a bipartisan basis, supporting those candidates who will best represent Farm Bureau policy regardless of party.

Trustees vote by written ballot and have historically required a two-thirds vote for endorsement.

Since being organized in 1976, more than 90 percent of MOFB PAC endorsed candidates have won election.

2024 Election Endorsements

U.S. Senate: Josh Hawley

U.S. House: Ann Wagner (CD-2) || Kurt Schaefer (CD-3) || Mark Alford (CD-4) || Eric Burlison (CD-7) || Jason Smith (CD-8)

Governor: Mike Kehoe

Lieutenant Governor: Lincoln Hough

Attorney General: Andrew Bailey

State Senate: Kurtis Gregory (District 21) || Jason Bean (District 25) || Mike Haffner (District 31)

2022 Election Endorsements

2020 Election Endorsed Candidates

  • Governor: Mike Parson
  • Lieutenant Governor: Mike Kehoe
  • Attorney General: Eric Schmitt
  • Secretary of State: Jay Ashcroft
  • Treasurer: Scott Fitzpatrick
  • U.S. House:
    • District 2: Ann Wagner
    • District 3: Blaine Luetkemeyer
    • District 4: Vicky Hartzler
    • District 6: Sam Graves
    • District 7: Billy Long
    • District 8: Jason Smith
  • Missouri Senate:
    • District 19: Caleb Rowden
    • District 21: Denny Hoskins
    • District 25: Jason Bean
    • District 27: Holly Rehder
    • District 33: Karla Eslinger

2018 Election Endorsed Candidates

  • U.S. Senate Race: Josh Hawley
  • U.S. House:
    • District 2: Ann Wagner
    • District 3: Blaine Luetkemeyer
    • District 4: Vicky Hartzler
    • District 6: Sam Graves
    • District 7: Billy Long
    • District 8: Jason Smith
  • Missouri Senate:
    • District 2: Dr. Bob Onder
    • District 6: Mike Bernskoetter
    • District 10: Jeanie Riddle
    • District 12: Dan Hegeman
    • District 16: Justin Brown
    • District 18: Cindy O’Laughlin
    • District 20: Eric Burlison
    • District 28: Sandy Crawford
    • District 30: Lincoln Hough
    • District 34: Tony Luetkemeyer

2016 Election Endorsed Candidates

  • U.S. Senate Race: Roy Blunt
  • Governor: Chris Koster
  • Attorney General: Josh Hawley
  • U.S. House:
    • District 2: Ann Wagner
    • District 3: Blaine Luetkemeyer
    • District 4: Vicky Hartzler
    • District 6: Sam Graves
    • District 7: Billy Long
    • District 8: Jason Smith
  • Missouri Senate:
    • District 3: Gary Romine
    • District 21: Denny Hoskins
    • District 23: Bill Eigel
    • District 25: Doug Libla
    • District 27: Wayne Wallingford
    • District 29: David Sater
    • District 33: Mike Cunningham

Friend of Agriculture Award

While MOFB’s PAC does not endorse or contribute funds to candidates in State House of Representatives races, Missouri Farm Bureau does recognize House members with a proven record of support for agriculture and rural Missouri through the Farm Bureau Friend of Agriculture Award.
Friend of Agriculture Awards are considered based on three criteria:
  1. Evaluation by county Farm Bureau leaders in each legislative district to determine the working relationship between the legislator and the county Farm Bureau
  2. Evaluation completed by Farm Bureau staff to identify the leadership role taken by the legislator on agricultural and other issues
  3. Voting record on issues supported or opposed by Missouri Farm Bureau

2022 Friend of Agriculture Award Recipients

Allen Andrews
Darrell Atchison
Chuck Basye
Hardy Billington
John Black
Rusty Black
Bob Bromley
Chris Brown
Cyndi Buchheit-Courtway
Jamie Burger
Danny Busick
Jeff Coleman
Bennie Cook
Ron Copeland
Scott Cupps
Chris Dinkins
J. Eggleston
David Evans
Bill Falkner
Craig Fishel
Travis Fitzwater
Rick Francis
David Gregory
Kurtis Gregory
Dave Griffith
Kent Haden
Mike Haffner
Willard Haley
Ron Hicks
Dan Houx
Barry Hovis
Josh Hurlbert
Jim Kalberloh
Ann Kelley
Hannah Kelly
Jeff Knight
Don Mayhew
Peggy McGaugh
Mike McGirl
Herman Morse
Jim Murphy
Michael O’Donnell
Bill Owen
Jonathan Patterson
Patricia Pike
Dean Plocher
Brad Pollitt
Jeff Porter
Sean Pouche
Randy Railsback
Rodger Reedy
Louis Riggs
Lane Roberts
Don Rone
Greg Sharpe
Dan Shaul
Brenda Shields
Travis Smith
Mike Stephens
Nate Tate
Tim Taylor
Lisa Thomas
Terry Thompson
Dean Van Schoiack
Rudy Veit
Dale Wright

2020 Friend of Agriculture Award Recipients

Sonya Anderson, District 131

Allen Andrews, District 1

Chuck Bayse, District 47

John Black, District 137

Rusty Black, District 7

Jack Bondon, District 56

Danny Busick, District 3

Jeff Coleman, District 32

Scott Cupps, District 158

Chris Dinkins, District 144

Shamed Dogan, District 98

Dean Dohrman, District 51

J. Eggleston, District 2

Karla Eslinger, District 155

David Evans, District 154

Travis Fitzwater, District 49

Rick Francis, District 145

Elaine Gannon, District 115

David Gregory, District 96

Aaron Griesheimer, District 61

Dave Griffith, District 60

Elijah Haahr, District 134

Kent Haden, District 43

Mike Haffner, District 55

Tom Hannegan, District 65

Jim Hansen, District 40

Mike Henderson, District 117

Ron Hicks, District 102

Dan Houx, District 54

Barry Hovis, District 146

Ann Kelley, District 127

Hannah Kelly, District 141

Jeff Knight, District 129

Glen Kolkmeyer, District 53

Warren Love, District 125

Steve Lynch, District 122

Don Mayhew, District 121

Peggy McGaugh, District 39

Mike McGirl, District 118

Herman Morse, District 151

Dave Muntzel, District 48

Michael O’Donnell, District 95

Donna Pfautsch, District 33

Patricia Pike, District 126

Dean Plocher, District 89

Brad Pollitt, District 52

Jeff Porter, District 42

Rodger Reedy, District 57

Tim Remole, District 6

Louis Riggs, District 5

Don Rone, District 149

Becky Ruth, District 114

Greg Sharpe, District 4

Brenda Shields, District 11

Chrissy Sommer, District 106

Bryan Spencer, District 63

Mike Stephens, District 128

Nate Tate, District 119

Rudy Veit, District 59

Sara Walsh, District 50

David Wood, District 58

Dale Wright, District 116


The MOFB PAC trustees set a minimum contribution for endorsed candidates that varies by office. Any additional contributions for endorsed candidates are determined by trustees on a case-by-case basis. PAC funds also assist county Farm Bureaus with political action and education activities at the local level such as Meet the Candidate Forums and Legislative Appreciation events.
Membership dollars are not used to support candidates or political activities. MOFB PAC funds are generated from voluntary Farm Bureau member contributions.