Opioid abuse or overdose has affected one in three Missouri families. Medical professionals need information to make informed decisions about these drugs. We need a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) database that protects privacy but prevents doctor shopping and over-prescription of medications.


The opioid crisis is a nationwide issue that disproportionately affects Missouri. One in three Missouri families has been impacted by opioids. Missouri Farm Bureau supports the use of new tools that include providing medical professionals with the information they need to make informed medical decisions. In recent years individual counties have adopted stand-alone prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs). However, Missouri is the last state that does not have a statewide PDMP in place. PDMPs allow medical professionals to see the prescription history of patients and make fully-informed decisions. This would allow doctors and pharmacists to see the full prescription history of their patients and allow them to focus of treating their patients’ needs.


In the 2019 legislative session, Rep. Holly Rehder (R-Scott City) introduced HB 188 and Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer (R-Parkville) introduced SB 155 to establish a PDMP in Missouri. HB 188 passed the House following lengthy debate on the House floor, but ultimately the Senate did not take up the legislation. Rep. Rehder has expressed her intent to reintroduce this legislation in the 2020 session. Although a PDMP is not a silver bullet to address the opioid crisis, it is a powerful tool for medical professionals. It will be a useful step toward curbing the opioid crisis in Missouri.

MOFB Policy

We support the state adopting a statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) preventing doctors from unintentionally over prescribing dangerous drugs. We support doctors, nurses, and physician assistants allowing their designees to access and enter the data. We would support making the PDMP mandatory for all providers.

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