National Issues

At a national level, Missouri Farm Bureau stays actively involved with current issues and legislation so that all efforts regarding agriculture are better communicated to members and all Missourians. Missouri Farm Bureau monitors issues related to the United States Senate, House of Representatives, and federal agencies to ensure that the interests of agriculture and the rural way of life are well represented on Capitol Hill.

Priority National Issues

Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is one of the largest pieces of agricultural legislation that moves through the congressional process in Washington, DC. Farm bills are considered approximately every five years by our congressional leaders…

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Staying up to date on trade issues, specifically issues affecting the agriculture industry, is a continuous job for the staff at Missouri Farm Bureau, but it is one that is carried out with the utmost care…

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Lack of adequate broadband access continuously impacts the ability to carry out day-to-day work for farmers, students and teachers and other business people…

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Water Resources Development Act (WRDA)

The Water Resources Development Act of 2018, otherwise known as WRDA, has been popularly debated on a federal level. This bill would authorize dam and reservoir projects that would be highly impactful to Missouri infrastructure…

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