Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins has issued the following statement regarding President Biden’s veto of the WOTUS Congressional Review Act Joint Resolution:

Missouri Farm Bureau (MOFB) is extremely disappointed in President Biden’s veto of the Congressional Review Act joint resolution to overturn the 2022 WOTUS Final Rule.

For years, MOFB has advocated for clean water and clear rules for Missouri’s farmers and ranchers. The Biden administration’s WOTUS Rule greatly misses that mark. With more than 110,000 miles of streams across the Show Me state, this is not hyperbole. It is certain that this rule will harm landowners by creating confusion over what is labeled a jurisdictional water, causing them to hire attorneys and consultants to navigate the process and costing precious time and resources.

Through his veto, it is clear that President Biden prefers more government control and confusion, rather than clarity and consistency under the Clean Water Act. MOFB applauds Congressman Sam Graves for his leadership in sponsoring the CRA resolution, as well as the many other members of Missouri’s Congressional delegation who supported it. We look forward to continuing to work with them to protect Missouri farmers and ranchers’ ability to produce food, fiber and renewable fuel for our nation and the world.