Author Trenton Jones is a student at Northwest Missouri State University majoring in agricultural media and public relations.

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An integral part of becoming career ready is on-the-job learning. In an ever-changing career world, internships are valuable opportunities to prepare young adults for the future. Missouri Farm Bureau (MOFB) offers internships in a multitude of departments. From public affairs to accounting, MOFB is a place for students to gain job skills. In fact, this column is a small part of my own Farm Bureau internship.

I’m in my junior year at Northwest Missouri State University, majoring in agricultural media with a minor in public relations. This summer, I had the pleasure of working as MOFB’s public affairs intern, gaining valuable training. I connected with members all over the state, wrote articles for publication, worked at the Missouri State Fair, and enjoyed other diverse experiences.

One of my favorite assignments as an intern this summer was writing for the “Show Me” magazine, MOFB’s quarterly publication. I wrote feature stories, conducted research, and took photographs for not only my stories, but the magazine cover.

In addition to public affairs, MOFB offers internships in our national, state, and regulatory departments. Internships are also offered in administrative services, accounting, and marketing.

Jodi Robinson, a sophomore at the University of Missouri-Columbia majoring in agribusiness management with an emphasis in public policy and a pre-law track, worked as the national legislative programs intern this summer. Jodi shared that each day looks a little bit different at MOFB, and while some meetings dealt with daunting topics, a joke now and then lightened the mood as we worked to serve MOFB members and address their policy objectives.

All of the MOFB interns would agree the organization has a strong agricultural presence in protecting members through both insurance and legislative policy. It is well respected and continues to significantly affect Missourians. We all enjoyed experiencing how MOFB works to ensure the well-being of a diverse set of farmers and ranchers across the state.

While every internship offers different duties, MOFB offers a family dynamic within the organization. Not only were interns welcomed by staff, we collaborated and bonded with each other. Events such as the Intern Road Show allowed us to learn about the ag industry beyond our own internship by connecting with other students and members of the ag community.

All-in-all, MOFB offers an immersive experience for their interns, no matter the department. I was glad to be a part of it. If you are a college student seeking a collaborative family environment and real work experience, I encourage you to apply with Missouri Farm Bureau.