JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – – – Late last week, the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, the Missouri Corn Growers Association, the Missouri Farm Bureau Federation, the Missouri Pork Association, and the Missouri Soybean Association filed applications to intervene with the Public Service Commission (PSC) to oppose Grain Belt Express’ Tiger Connector high-voltage transmission line project, proposed to span across farms and ranches in Monroe, Audrain and Callaway Counties. This action is in response to Grain Belt Express’ PSC filing on August 24 to amend its existing certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) for its proposed high-voltage transmission line to be built across northern Missouri.

Together, these organizations offer the following statement:

“Missouri’s agriculture organizations believe that Grain Belt Express is intentionally attempting to skirt the landowner protection provisions of HB 2005, which we fought hard for in the 2022 legislative session, by filing an application to amend its existing project. If Grain Belt Express were serious about protecting landowners, whose property is necessary for this project, it would file its application as a new project – removing all doubt that it will comply with the newly enacted law. Unfortunately, this is just more of the same from Grain Belt Express, which has a long history of negative interactions with landowners in its quest to make a profit at their expense. Missouri’s agriculture organizations urge the PSC to approve our applications to intervene and reject Grain Belt Express’ application for amendment.”