Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst made the following statement regarding record flooding on the Missouri River:

“The all-time record flooding along the Missouri River is devastating to Missouri farmers.  Levees continue to break or be breached, and thousands of acres of extremely productive crop land are once again under water.  Many farmers lost crops stored in bins as the Missouri River rose so rapidly there was no time for movement to higher ground.

“This unprecedented early-season flood will prevent many farmers from planting a crop this year, and the damaged levees eliminate flood protection for any crops that do get planted.   It is too soon to estimate the extent of the damage, but it is a tremendous blow to farmers who are already dealing with weak markets and low commodity prices.

“Highways, bridges and railroads have been destroyed, meaning the damage caused by this flood will reach far past the areas under water.  This damage to infrastructure will take months and years to repair.

“Unfortunately, flooding events like this are becoming too common.  We must address weaknesses in flood control structures and strengthen our ability to prevent flooding.  The time has come to have a serious discussion about protecting our farms, rural communities and critical infrastructure.”