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Even though wet and cold weather caused some delays, planting season is now underway. Even as they plant their fields, the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting row crop farmers hard.

Much of America’s crop production is exported, and recent trade wars have taken a toll. About 40 percent of our corn crop goes to make ethanol. Stay-at-Home orders put the brakes on driving and gas consumption, which hurt the ethanol market as well. Corn prices are down 20 percent from the start of the year. Soybeans, cotton, and rice have been hit hard too.

Missouri Farm Bureau has worked with our Members of Congress to get aid to struggling farmers. We pushed hard to make sure farmers are covered by the Paycheck Protection Program, and the USDA just announced several more programs to help them weather this storm. Our family farms are important to America’s food supply, and we will keep fighting for them.

To the seed dealers, grain elevator workers, and everyone else who helps ensure our food security, Missouri Farm Bureau thanks YOU for your service.