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When schools and restaurants closed, it hit the dairy industry hard. Switching packaging and supply chains from institutional use to retail use can’t happen overnight. But the industry moved quickly to get more milk and dairy products to grocery stores. Missouri Farm Bureau has been working with the state and federal government to relax regulations and get support for dairy farmers.

Thanks to the farmers’ hard work, the fluid milk and dairy product pipeline is now full again. Missourians should keep buying milk, yogurt, ice cream and other dairy products. There’s more than enough for everyone. Dairy is healthy, natural, and delicious. Every time you buy dairy, you’re helping Missouri’s dairy farmers at a time when they really need it.

Our food supply chain is critical, and Missouri Farm Bureau is grateful to everyone working to keep it moving. To the workers at milk processing plants, the truck drivers delivering dairy to the grocery store, and the workers keeping the stores running, thank YOU for your service.