Do you find yourself planning the same family activities again and again? Are you going to the same locations for a couples’ get-away or dinner and date night activities? Breaking out of the rut of planning family activities is easier than you think, thanks to one of the many Missouri agritourism venues throughout the state!

Missouri agriculture has multiple offerings for visitors to enjoy. If your family is looking for fun activities, check out the nearest corn maze or pumpkin patch. You may be surprised by the variety of fun activities your children may experience. Consider making family memories by attending the nearest “u-pick” berry farm or orchard, or schedule a day with your significant other at a local winery and sip on Missouri wines paired with local meats and cheeses. There is a plethora of opportunities to experience the fun and entertainment that Missouri agriculture provides through agritourism.

Missouri Farm Bureau has done the hard work; you can find a detailed directory of several hundred Missouri owned and operated agritourism venues on our website. From there, like spinning a globe, you can choose something that’s either right near your own backyard or something at the opposite corner of the state as a vacation destination.

Our directory works both ways, in that if you’re a farmer or rancher who is interested in exploring new revenue opportunities for the farm, we have an exciting opportunity for you. Each July, MOFB partners with the Missouri Department of Agriculture to host our annual Missouri Agritourism Conference. This year’s event will be held from July 14 through 16 in Hannibal. The three-day event starts with presentations about what’s new in the industry, continues with a day tour of multiple agritourism venues that’s capped with a farm-to-table dinner and wine pairing with the Missouri Wine and Grape Board, and finishes with workshops that offer both brand-new and long-standing agritourism entrepreneurs a chance to discuss their successes. It’s a great opportunity to learn about agritourism and explore different types of agritourism venues.

So, if you’re looking for a new family adventure or a spontaneous couples’ trip, check out the amazing destinations on our website: You may be surprised how much fun you can have looking for fun activities close to home.