One of my fondest memories with Missouri Farm Bureau (MOFB) goes back to my early years as a Youth Ambassador. Our local county board of directors invited me to join them during “Thank a Farmer Week.” We set up shop inside what was then the Yoss Brothers grocery store, where we cooked soy donuts for shoppers and shared both a smile and a bit of agricultural knowledge. In later years, I joined local Farm Bureau leaders for Agriculture in the Courthouse lunch meetings with public and elected officials. We enjoyed coming together for fellowship and to discuss agriculture and its economic impact on our rural communities.

This year, “Celebrate Agriculture: Thank a Farmer Week” is March 3-9. The annual program began as a way to show appreciation for those who provide the nation’s safe and abundant supply of food, fuel and fiber. Today, the diversity we see in agriculture is shown by the many acts of service conducted by our members during “Celebrate Agriculture: Thank a Farmer Week.” A few county activities include:

  • Highlighting farmers who have come before us by reflecting on the history of agriculture and advancements in food production.
  • Hosting farm-city breakfasts to bring community patrons together to break bread.
  • Connecting with the youngest among us by donating books to local school districts.
  • Collecting and donating food supplies to local pantries that serve families in need.

Agriculture is the lifeblood of Missouri. With more than 87,000 farms – the second-most in the nation – dotting our landscape, Missouri is a major exporter of agricultural products. From hay to rice, goats to turkeys, corn, cotton and so much more, these exports contribute billions of dollars to the state’s economy.

But agriculture’s impact reaches far beyond economic figures. It’s about stewardship of the land, sustainability, and the values that have built our communities. It’s about families working together, from generation to generation, to bring food to our tables and care for the earth that sustains us.

Join us as we celebrate this important week. Connect with your local MOFB office to join farmers and ranchers as they work in the community through service projects and agricultural outreach.

By participating in “Celebrate Agriculture: Thank a Farmer Week,” you can show your appreciation for the vital role agriculture plays in our lives while giving back to the communities we call home.