Feral hogs are a growing threat to Missouri, destroying crops, pastures and forests. Missouri must continue to develop and accelerate a unified plan to eradicate this pest from our state.


Feral hogs have been present in Missouri for many years, and their population and range has steadily grown. As the population grew, so did its impact on the state. Agriculturalists across the southern half of the state have regularly seen row crops and pastures destroyed by this invasive pest. MOFB members believe the only acceptable goal regarding feral hogs is complete eradication.


MOFB has pulled together stakeholders from areas of the state affected by feral hogs to determine the best path toward eradication.

The 2018 Farm Bill authorized a pilot program for feral hog eradication. MOFB is engaged in discussions on the development of this program and will work to ensure that the needs of Missouri landowners are communicated with USDA as this moves forward. We continue to monitor the development and implementation of this program.

MOFB will continue to support efforts that focus on full eradication of feral hogs.

MOFB Policy

We believe feral hogs are an unacceptable risk to both humans and livestock and support federal and state eradication efforts. We support increasing the penalty in Missouri from a misdemeanor to a felony for the intentional release of any hogs on public land or private land without acceptable confinement. We also believe it should be a felony to hold alive or transport feral hogs without a special permit from the Missouri Department of Agriculture.