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Black Vulture Depredation Sub-Permit Program Application

Missouri Farm Bureau has received a statewide depredation permit that allows for a limited number of black vulture “takes” where black vultures are depredating on livestock. Livestock producers who are experiencing depredation may apply for a Livestock Protection depredation sub-permit that if approved will allow producers to protect livestock against black vulture attacks. This program only allows for takes of black vultures. No other protected migratory bird species is authorized to be taken under this program.

  • Review the detailed information here.
  • Request application by emailing Julie Waldrop.
  • Read a May 2023 KY3 story here.


Commodity Contracts

Farmers and ranchers are continually searching for ways to get more market value out of their grain and livestock. Contracting with a buyer before a seed is planted or an animal is grown is a valuable tool for financial management. In these contracts, the producer promises a certain quantity of a commodity in return for a guaranteed price. There are pros and cons to contracts, but many producers find them useful. In cooperation with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, Missouri Farm Bureau has developed two checklists to help producers determine if a contract would work in their operation:

Livestock Contract Checklist

Grain Contract Checklist

Signs for Sale

Livestock Sign

In 2015 Missouri replaced its old equine liability statute with the Livestock Liability Waiver Law. Participation by an equine/livestock owner is voluntary, but Missouri Farm Bureau believes participation is important. We encourage all equine and livestock owners to take advantage of the extra layer of inherent risk liability protection the law provides by posting the required warning notice sign on their property. Equine owners who have old equine liability signs need to update to the new sign to be compliant with the law. MOFB offers these signs to Members for $8 plus tax. Learn More about Livestock Liability Waiver Law Warning Notice Signs.


Agritourism Sign

Agritourism is important to farmers and ranchers seeking additional revenue sources, and it helps connect non-farm consumers with the source of their food and fiber.

The Agritourism Promotion Act establishes a layer of liability protection for agritourism operators via a signage and registration process. MOFB offers these signs to Members for $8 plus tax. Learn more about the Agritourism Promotion Act.


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