Missouri farmers and ranchers from across the state are working together to help farmers and ranchers in the states of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado recover and rebuild after last month’s devastating wildfires.

“I have never seen farmers and ranchers so involved and generous in helping others who have suffered such a tragic loss,” said Blake Hurst, president of Missouri Farm Bureau.  “It is not unusual for agriculture to come together to help others, but this disaster is more personal to Missouri farmers, because the wildfires have impacted our fellow farmers and ranchers the most.”

Missouri Farm Bureau is serving as a clearinghouse for people wanting to make contributions for the wildfire relief efforts, helping make certain the assistance is getting to where it is needed.  The number to call to make contributions is 573-893-1468 or go to the website www.mofb.org.  Missouri Farm Bureau’s role is not to replace but rather support the many local community relief efforts underway.

“The loss of human life, livestock, buildings, pastures and so much more is hard to imagine.  It will be years before farm and ranch families will recover from this disaster, if they can at all.  But we must and will do what we can to help, and I am so proud of all the relief efforts underway by Missouri’s and other states’ farming and ranching communities,” said Hurst.