Missouri Farm Bureau members drive the organization on a daily basis. Much of that work is done through committees that align with each member’s expertise and interests. To get involved in a committee, contact the committee’s advisor for more information about how you can be a part of our process.

State Resolutions Committee

The policy development process is spearheaded annually by the State Resolutions Committee (SRC), which is made up of members of the MOFB State Board, a county president from each board district, first-year members of the Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee, members of the Promotion and Education committee, and the chairs of each Commodity Advisory Committee. Learn more about our policy development process.

State Resolutions Committee

State Board of Directors

Todd Hays – Chair, Vice President (Marion, Monroe City
Drew Lock – District 2 (Adair/Schuyler), La Plata
Sharon Arnold – District 4 (Bates), Drexel
Brian Koenig – District 6 (Perry), Perryville
Stan Coday – District 8 (Wright), Seymour
Nathan Woehr – Advisory (Osage), Freeburg

State Promotion & Education Committee

Amy Jo Estes – Chair (Gasconade), Rosebud
Vern Hart – District 1 (Buchanan), St. Joseph
Kristal Zerr – District 3 (Montgomery), Hermann
Sara Schwartze – District 5 (Maries), Meta
Tonya Claybrook – District 7 (Christian), Highlandville

County Presidents

Sean Cornelius – District 1 (Caldwell), Hamilton
James Wilson – District 2 (Macon), Anabel
Jason Vandivort – District 3 (Lincoln), Elsberry
Kevin Fischer – District 4 (Bates), Rockville
Jim Reed – District 5 (Washington), Desloge
Tyler Bruns – District 6 (Scott), Scott City
Wayne Hardison – District 7 (Dallas), Elkland
Dusty Collins – District 8 (Howell), West Plains

State Young Farmers’ Committee

Joseph Frueh – District 1 (Nodaway), Maryville
Mason & Hannah Kiehl – District 2 (Linn), Meadville
Jeffrey & Brandelyn Twellman – District 3 (Lincoln), Silex
Theo & Makenna Rieckhoff – District 4 (Pettis), Hughesville
Adam & Kayla Wansing – District 5 (Maries), Dixon
Aaron & Elizabeth Reeves – District 6 (Dunklin), Kennett
John & Lachelle Clemons – District 7 (Cedar), Fair Play
William Rollins – District 8 (Pulaski), Dixon

Promotion & Education Committee

The Promotion and Education Committee works to strengthen Missouri Farm Bureau and provides leadership development for all members. As members of the 10-person committee, these volunteers help develop, implement and evaluate projects and programs that promote agriculture.

Promotion & Education Committee

Chairman – Amy Jo Estes, Gasconade County

Vice Chairman – Dana Lane, Linn County

District 1 – Vern Hart

District 2 – Brenda Kerr

District 3 – Kristal Zerr

District 4 – Katie Johnson

District 5 – Sara Schwartz

District 6 – Kyla Estes

District 7 – Tonya Claybrook

District 8 – Paula Bodenhamer

Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee

The State YF&R Committee is made up of young individuals, all involved in agriculture, all active in their communities, and all interested in helping improve the future of agriculture. Two couples from each board district are appointed in a staggered basis. In some instances, there may be a single individual instead of a couple. In order to serve as the Committee Chair, the member must be at least 18 and not older than 34 at the time of appointment. Committee members are appointed by the State Board of Directors.

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Commodity Committees

Missouri Farm Bureau is a general farm organization. To focus on the various sectors within agriculture, Farm Bureau has commodity advisory committees and special interest work groups that assist staff with issues affecting that specific industry. Advisory committees include beef, cotton, dairy, equine, feed grains and wheat, forestry, horticulture, rice, sheep, soybean and swine. Each year Farm Bureau members are appointed to the advisory committees by the state board of directors. If you are a member and have an interest in serving on one of the committees, please contact Davin Althoff.

Agritourism Committee

Chairman: Matt Moreland, Cass County

Steve Meier, Cape Girardeau County

Tara Peters, Phelps County

Rachel Jones, Johnson County

Artie Cole, Barry County

Curtis Delgman, Pike County

Phil Leckrone, St. Louis County

Brett Howell, Shannon County

Bryan Boeckmann, Osage County

Dwight Crevelt, Greene County

Amy Jo Estes, Gasconade County, Advisory

Brian Koenig, Perry County, Advisory

Mallory Rahe, Extension Specialist

Beef Committee

Chairman: Jim Sherrell, Camden County

Lacey Miller, Marion County

Darin Biegel, Macon County

Kevin Cassmeyer, Cole County

Rick Squibb, Stone County

Cody Holt, Mercer County

Nathan Isakson, Lawrence County

Aaron Holder, Cass County

Paul Gilliam, Dent County

Ted Probert, Wright County

Stan Coday, Wright County, Advisory

Eric Bailey, Extension Specialist

Cotton Committee

Chairman: Gary Hayes, Pemiscot County

Justin Rone, Pemiscot County

Darren Brown, New Madrid County

Jason Mayer, Stoddard County

Rick Faulkner, New Madrid County

Steve Drake, Dunklin County

Gregg Mayberry, Stoddard County

David Blakemore, Dunklin County

Jerod Scott, Scott County

Jeff Hux, Scott County

Matt Deane, New Madrid County

Kenneth Keller, New Madrid County

Patrick Turnage, Pemiscot County

Aaron Reeves, Dunklin County

Brian Koenig, Perry County, Advisory

Bradley Wilson, Extension Specialist

Dairy Committee

Chairman: John Schoen, Cape Girardeau County

David Martin, Hickory County

James Penn, Knox County

Richard Bloss, Lawrence County

Nathan Thorpe, Newton County

Mark Chamberlain, Benton County

Loren Eilenstine, Wright County

Josh Walther, Cape Girardeau County

Jessy Shomaker, Marion County

James Brixey, Douglas County

Duane Kaiser, Barry County, Advisory

Amy Jo Estes, Gasconade County, Advisory

Scott Poock, Extension Specialist

Equine Committee

Chairman: Erica Schwoeppe, Franklin County

Dusty Bell, Shannon County

Lynn Martin, Boone County

Joann Becker, Reynolds County

Stephanie Howard, Jasper County

Jennifer Keaton, McDonald County

Lori Nelson, Saline County

Gwen Sloan, Pulaski County

Brittany Meads, Camden County

Todd Hays, Marion County, Advisory

Elizabeth Picking, Extension Specialist

Feed Grains and Wheat Committee

Chairman: Marc Kaiser, Carroll County

Kevin Ficken, Benton County

John Smith, Randolph County

Jeremie Nothdurft, Cape Girardeau County

Hunter Cloud, St. Clair County

Andrea Kientzy, Lincoln County

Bryant Kagay, Dekalb County

Andrew Boerding, St. Charles County

Ryan Britt, Randolph County

Jason Kurtz, Holt County, Advisory

Justin Calhoun, Extension Specialist

Forestry Committee

Chairman: Leon Michel, Shannon County

Randy VanWinkle, Carter County

Wesley Roberts, Reynolds County

Brian Merkel, Washington County

Matt Arndt, Dekalb County

Jason Green, Dent County

Chad Cook, Dent County

Johnathan Blakey, Douglas County

Kane Roth, Wright County

Stan Coday, Wright County, Advisory

Hank Stelzer, Extension Specialist

Horticulture Committee

Chairman: Zachary Oberdiek, Platte County

John Trinklein, Cole County

Buck Counts, Johnson County

Ben Paulsmeyer, Osage County

Karen Null, Bollinger County

Justin Ogle, Vernon County

Steve Salt, Adair/Schuyler County

Curtis Millsap, Greene County

Jason Hirtz, Lawrence County

Dana Lane, Linn County, Advisory

Juan Cabrera-Garcia, Extension Specialist

Poultry Committee

Chairman: Dustin Stanton, Boone County

Tim Asbridge, Lincoln County

Don Steen, Miller County

Jeremy Phillips, Morgan County

Keith Haslag, Pettis County

James Rickman, Cedar County

Todd Mitchell, Barry County

Clint Blankenship, Barry County

Rusty Griffis, Barry County

Derrick Hill, Moniteau County

Andy Clay, Moniteau County, Advisory

Tatijana Fisher, Extension Specialist

Rice Committee

Chairman: Ryan Wilson, Stoddard County

Kevin Fennewald, Scott County

Rance Daniel, Dunklin County

Daniel Eddy, New Madrid County

Will Spargo, Ripley County

Dale Hardin, Stoddard County

Blake Davis, Pemiscot County

Nathan Holmes, Scott County

Alex Clark, Butler County

Sam Stacks, Dunklin County

Tom Jennings, Scott County

Rick Spargo, Butler County

Justin Landers, New Madrid County

Mike Gross, Butler County

Trent Haggard, Dunklin County

Baughn Merideth Jr., Pemiscot County

Colin Stewart, Stoddard County

Sam Schneider, Cape Girardeau County

Jacob Jones, New Madrid County

Brian Koenig, Perry County, Advisory

Justin Chlapecka, Extension Specialist

Sheep & Goat Committee

Chairman: Jeff DeShon, Boone County

Jess McPhee, Clinton County

Belinda Kern, Washington County

Donald Herring, Linn County

Jeramia Markway, Cole County

Will Dennis, Laclede County

Maxwell Helm, McDonald County

Valerie Petzoldt, Cape Girardeau County

Don Wissman, Crawford County

Ed Crowley, Bollinger County

Austin Stanton, Boone County

Sharon Arnold, Bates County, Advisory

Nathan Woehr, Osage County, Advisory

Homero Salinas, Extension Specialist

Soybean Committee

Chairman: Brad Meineka, Lafayette County

William Sheppard, Pike County

Wes Gay, Daviess County

Charlie Kerr, Livingston County

Brad Arnold, Bates County

Addie Yoder, Shelby County

Sarah Kliethermes, Cooper County

Nathan Woehr, Osage County

Drew Lock, Adair/Schuyler County, Advisory

Kelly Nelson, Extension Specialist

Swine Committee

Chairman: Doug Luebbering, Osage County

Donnie Hays, Marion County

Cory Neier, Maries County

Brian Kliethermes, Cooper County

Michael Phillips, Clark County

Tony Morgan, Barton County

Jesse Heimer, Marion County

Dale Akey, Caldwell County

Cody DeMoss, Mercer County

Todd Hays, Marion County, Advisory

Chris Brundick, Maries County, Advisory

Tim Safranski, Extension Specialist

Beekeeping/Pollinator Interest Workgroup

Bill Allinder, Clay County

Valerie Duever, Callaway County

Tim Fredericks, St. Charles County

Walter Els, Gasconade County

Breanda Polen, Jasper County

Bud Motsinger, Caldwell County

Eugene Makovec, Lincoln County

Bill Bennett, Iron County

Ivan Kraniek, Madison County

Larry Huber, Washington County

Sara Leiber, St. Clair County

Canine Interest Workgroup

Cathy Griesbauer, Montgomery County

Theck Triplett, Putnam County

Hank Grosenbacher, Phelps County

Jim Proffitt, Ray County

Phil Hoover, Scotland County

Lena Cross, Cooper County

Grape/Vineyard Workgroup

Gus Schlottach, Gasconade County

Stephen Littlefield, Washington County

Kevin Shopher, Audrain County

Kraig Keesaman, Clinton County

Ethan Butler, Adair County

Elmer Schneider, St. Louis County

District Map

Get Involved

Davin Althoff, Director of Marketing & Commodities
(573) 893-1416 | email Davin

Jennifer Poindexter, Director of Promotion & Education
(573) 893-1414 | email Jennifer

Eric Volmer, Director of Young Farmers & Ranchers Program
(573) 893-1411 | email Eric