The calendar may show February, and while Missouri still has another month and a half of winter ahead, this recent bout of warm weather has kicked spring fever into high gear. We all know more snow and cold weather will return, but it sure is nice to see the sunshine and think spring thoughts.

This early peek at springtime is a good reminder that changing times are just around the corner. For students attending their final semester of high school or currently enrolled in college, take this as a reminder that the clock is ticking on some deadlines. That final walk across the stage to receive a diploma will be here soon, and for many students, class registration and hefty tuition fees for the next level of learning are quickly approaching.

Across the board, the cost of higher education has continued to climb. Trade schools, junior college and university costs are all on the rise, which means scholarships provide important relief options that you shouldn’t allow to slip by. The Missouri Farm Bureau (MOFB) Foundation for Agriculture and its supporters work year-round to raise funds that help students make that next step more affordable. There are scholarships for high school students looking to further their education at a trade school or four-year university, as well as some options for current college students. This includes a program specifically for those seeking a degree in veterinary medicine.

The application window for several of our scholarships is currently open, but the deadlines vary. Starting as soon as March 15 with the Charles E. Kruse scholarship through the end of May, the clock is ticking. MOFB is also proud to partner with additional educational institutions to support programs that distribute some of the funds first-hand. The Scholarships tab at has all the information you need to make the best decision for your career path.

I encourage students who are part of the MOFB family to apply as soon as possible, and check with your county MOFB office for local scholarships too. Today’s students are agriculture’s future. Let the MOFB Foundation for Agriculture help make that next step more affordable.