MOFB hosted a Telephone Town Hall on Thursday, May 28th to discuss USDA’s recently announced Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). MOFB President Blake Hurst was joined by special guests:

  • Kim Viers, Acting State Executive Director, USDA Missouri Farm Service Agency
  • Lisa Allen, Price Support Program Chief, USDA Missouri Farm Service Agency
  • Rod Bealer, Compliance Program Chief, USDA Missouri Farm Service Agency
  • Amanda Brosch, Production Flexibility Program Specialist, USDA Missouri Farm Service Agency


Listen to the Audio

11:00 – Cattle payments – How are payments figured when you sold some before and some after the cutoff date?
13:45 – Grain payments – Same issue
17:00 – Will these payments run out?
19:00 – Dairy – is dumped milk compensated for?
20:30 – Is corn in the bin I’m planning to feed to animals covered?
22:45 – Conservation rules – do you have to be in compliance to qualify?
23:45 – Payment limits – how does business entity structure affect them?
26:45 – Soybean payments – what are the rates?
28:00 – Dairy cattle culled or sold for beef – how are they treated?
28:30 – Beef cattle – how are weight limits used?
29:15 – Applications – same application for everything?
30:45 – Payment limits – how are sole proprietorships treated with married couples?
31:45 – Dairy cows – how are slaughtered cows treated?
32:15 – Grain and silage for feed – how are they treated?
33:00 – Cattle born since January 15 – how are they treated?
33:45 – Corn sold to a feeder, all priced but not all delivered – how is this treated?
34:45 – Honey bees – are they covered?
36:00 – Poultry producers – how are contract producers treated?


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Resources from the University of Missouri Extension:

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MU Extension specialist Joe Horner created short videos going over specific payment examples for livestock, dairy, and crops.

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