In Missouri, mid-summer has made its presence fully known with scorching temperatures, late sunsets and the sounds of humming cicadas. As the calendar turns to August, it also means that it’s time for county fairs, local parades and politicians campaigning for our votes. While we usually think of fun family activities as our best community bonding time, voting for our state and local leaders can and should bring our neighbors together too.

In years where the Presidency is not on the ballot, elections can sometimes be easier to overlook. But at Missouri Farm Bureau, we know that positive change really begins at the grassroots. When you vote in a local election, you’re ensuring that the needs and values of your community are being represented by the people that represent you on a larger scale. You can select people you have actually met face-to-face and send them to your county seat, Jefferson City or even Washington, D.C. Some candidates may have watched your kids show their animals at the county fair, taught at your local school, or baled the hay field down the road from you. They are often people who understand what your community needs to grow and thrive and can be your voice on the local, state, or national stage. 

Missouri Farm Bureau’s members understand the importance of our elections and made their voices heard this year during our grassroots endorsement process. For the U.S. Senate, Missouri Farm Bureau endorsed Vicky Hartzler, a member of Congress, agricultural business owner, and longtime supporter of agriculture and Missouri values. To fill her seat in Missouri’s 4th Congressional district, MOFB endorsed Kalena Bruce, CPA, farmer, and former American Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers chairperson. MOFB has endorsed a number of state and federal candidates for this August primary, all of whom are listed at

So this summer, whether you’re attending your local fair or just enjoying the season with your community, encourage your friends and neighbors to find their polling place and get out to vote on August 2. They’ll get an air-conditioned break from the heat while ensuring their values are represented by our elected leaders.