Statement from Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst Regarding Federal Court's Dismissal of Koster's Lawsuit
The court’s dismissal of Attorney General Koster’s lawsuit is a lose-lose proposition for all concerned.
Statement on Constitutional Amendment #3 from Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst
The Missouri Farm Bureau Board of Directors at their most recent board meeting voted to oppose Constitutional Amendment #3 regarding teacher tenure, performance and compensation.
Statement on Vote Recount of Constitutional Amendment #1 from Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst
Missouri family farmers and consumers are the winners of the recount validating the passage of Constitutional Amendment #1, the farming rights amendment.
Statement on U.S. House of Representatives Vote to Block the EPA's "Waters of the U.S." Rulemaking from Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst
We appreciate the bipartisan vote by the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ‘Waters of the U.S.’ rulemaking.
Statement on Amendment #1 from Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst
Thanks to the thousands of Missouri family farmers who made this victory possible. In my 35 years of involvement with FB, I’ve never, ever, seen this much enthusiasm and work from our members. We’ve always prided ourselves on being a grassroots organization, and tonight we celebrate what true grassroots participation can accomplish.
Big Data: Agriculture's 'Moneyball'
October. The month of the fall classic. The time of year Cubs fans say “wait until next year,” an 86-year old curse is broken or a mid-market team overcomes the odds — America’s favorite pastime in October is such a treat to watch.
Timing is Everything
Every good home canner knows timing is important at several stages in preserving food. There are set cook times, water bath times and pressure cooking times that must be adhered to if you hope to be eating that food several months from now.
WOTUS' Large Dose of Anxiety
It’s raining. For many, a rainy day conjures thoughts of sleeping in or, at the very least, a pajama day on the couch. If only it wasn’t a workday. For farmers this time of year, though, every day is a workday. However, rain means it’s a day not in the field but stuck indoors when corn needs to be shelled and soybeans harvested.
Food Prices Fluctuate
What’s for breakfast? What’s for lunch? What’s for dinner? These questions echo in households across the state through the day. Americans enjoy a variety of food choices to fill those queries and meet our nutritional needs, thanks to farmers around the world. Food is often taken for granted until a desired item isn’t available or price fluctuations occur. Then, people take notice.
Growing as a Family Growing as a Family
The hundreds of families who purchase fruit and vegetables from Buckeye Acres see proof the family farm is alive and well when they meet owners Buck and Heather Counts.
Beyond the Hype Beyond the Hype
Navigating the aisles at the grocery store is something most, if not all, of us have done many times. Product packaging beckons “buy me” in the best ways marketers can muster in the seconds-long interval they have to catch a shopper’s attention. Packaging touts “all natural,” “organic,” “free-range,” “hormone-free” and more in the quest to appeal to consumers’ emotion, ethics and pocketbook.
A Healthy Balance A Healthy Balance
Cara Riekhof is a busy mom. She is no different from millions of other grocery shoppers who want healthy food choices on a budget. Although her family has cows and raises calves, she buys her meat at the grocery store. When it comes to food safety and the use of antibiotics in livestock, Riekhof understands both sides of the grocery cart. She and other consumers want to know more about antibiotic use in livestock grown for food.

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